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Videos Formats: MP4, WebM

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Maximum video size for uploading 1 gigabyte | 1000 megabyte

For best wide screen presentation, create your video using a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Video Compression: Use H.264

Why Webm?


Quite often, people ask why they need a Webm version of their video. For many, Webm is an unfamiliar format and not even an export option within most video editing software.


The simple answer is that Webm allows for cross-browser compatibility. By using the Webm file format in addition to mp4 you can guarantee that no matter what browser site visitors are using, your video will always play.


Video Converters

Online Converter -
Allows you to convert your video into Mp4 and Webm. Just upload your video and Converterpoint does the rest. Then save the files onto your PC.

Adobe Premier: (not free)


 fnord: Exporting Webm is not a built-in option in Adobe Premiere, however, a third party plugin such as fnord allow you to export directly from the export window in Premiere.


to convert to WebM in Adobe Premier use this


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Thumbnail size is 324 x 182  JPEG or GIF (No border | No stroke)

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